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The Water World of Dong Thap Muoi

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Considered to be the upper part of the Mekong Delta, Dong Thap Muoi has wonderful ecotourism offerings, especially during the flood season that takes place from September to December every year. The program consists of providing visitors water passage through indigo forests where they can see the beauty of nature, get a glimpse of the lives of the inhabitants, and sample very special southern foods.

If you’re part of the historic, first-ever gay cruise through the Mekong Delta next October, you will witness all this and more.

Encompassing 700,000 hectares of land and water, this region is renowned for its interlacing network of channels and canals.  Along the way, an interesting place to visit is the Dong Thap Muoi Medicinal Herbs Research, Conservation and Development Center where numerous kinds of medicinal herbs are grown plus 600ha of tram gio (a kind of cajuput tree) and tram tra (an Australian kind of cajuput) forest.

Go Thap is in the highest part of Dong Thap Muoi and is considered to be the heart of the area. This area is above the floodwaters.

Here, archaeologists have found the base of four towers of the Phu Nam Kingdom that existed 1,500-1,800 years ago and the tomb and temple of Princess Nguyen Phuc Hang Nga. Also of interest here are temples built to honor Nguyen Duy Duong and Nguyen Tan Kieu who led an insurgency against the French, plus old war administrative council facilities and other historic spots.

The Xeo Quyt and Gao Giong historic sites which are located along the Xeo Quyt canals are two more places that visitors to Dong Thap Muoi should not miss. It takes one about 40 minutes to go from the Hiep My market to Xeo Quyt by boat.

Gao Giong is a green oasis that is most beautiful during the flood season. During this time it is surrounded by vast areas that are under water yet full of yellow dien dien flowers, violet water lilies and pink lotus flowers.

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There are many kinds of fish and shrimp in Dong Thap Muoi during the flood season so anyone coming at this time has the opportunity to enjoy great food prepared with fresh vegetables… meals like grilled loc fish wrapped in a lotus leaf, stork soup, snake soup with mung beans, grilled field mouse, boiled rice wrapped in lotus leaves, dien dien flower soup, steamed snails with pepper – and more.

Enjoying southern foods with a cup of sticky rice wine and bee honey followed by a lay on a hammock, cooled by a soft breeze… the good life.

The first-ever LGBT trip through Vietnam, Cambodia and the Mekong Delta happens October 15-30 2013.

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